Sample Home Inspection Reports


The blue text is a hyperlink to the web report.

Sample:  2005 Townhome

This was typical townhome in Hanover, PA.  Overall, it was a pretty clean house.  One of the windows would not open with normal pressure and one electrical outlet had a prong broken off and stuck in the grounding position.  Other items were a dry stain in the garage ceiling and several previous repairs.

Some features of our web reports:

  1. Look at top of the report. In the upper right corner, you can select to “Create your repair list.” This is an html page that copies over all our observations. At the top of the repair list page, you can select the items to show by either priority or summary. Select the items you want included in your repair list by selecting the green “Add to Repair List” button on the right side. You can select between asking the seller to Correct / Repair and requesting a credit. You can enter a dollar amount for the credit. It also tallies any requested credits at the top of the page. For the agents, print this as a PDF and reference it (see attached Request for Repairs) in your state required form. No more copying and pasting or creating a short list for the state form!
  2. Next is the “Generate Permit Check” button. If there are no permits, it will tell you that in a pop-up. If there are permits available, it will show you a screen that you can usually make out the number of permits available. They will ask for credit card information. You will not be charged unless you select to show the permits after seeing some are available.
  3. Third is a drop down that allows you to select a PDF file to view or download. Options include the full report with photos, summary with photos and summary without photos. After selecting the desired PDF from the drop down, you select either the View PDF or Download PDF button.
  4. The report breaks down the building’s components into logical, bite-sized segments and comments on all the relevant concerns.  All the sections and inspection items have hyper-links that help with navigation.  Arbitrarily added photos add more clarity to the verbal explanation of any given condition.

Despite our thorough and deliberate inspection process along with the attention to detail in the report, we understand that the written word, even together with photos, is still not enough sometimes to convey a finding. Therefore, we always encourage our clients to contact Nighthawk Inspection Group if you have any further questions or concerns not yet addressed after you receive your report. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction.

We are also open to your comments and constructive critiques of our inspection process and reports since we feel this can only help us to improve our service to our clients (our #1 goal!). Thank you for your interest in Nighthawk Inspection Group. We look forward to serving you soon!

Sample:  1950s Rancher

This rancher was in pretty good shape for the age of the house, but there were some notable issues.  The oven did not respond to the controls, some missing shutoff handles under a sink, a clogged drain and some retired oil tank piping where we could not find the other end of the pipe to see if it was capped or not.  The air conditioner was older and not providing a good temperature drop.  One of the toilets was significantly loose and we found a little bit of dry rot in the roof near the ridge vent.

Sample:  1920s Rowhouse

This house was a rental property, which in Pennsylvania means there are some different rules for the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  There were a few electrical issues; these were quick and easy fixes, which happens a lot with the safety hazards.  The tenant told us the heater did not work and would not let us attempt to run it.  One significant finding is that the hot and cold water valves at the only tub/shower in the house did not work.  As a result, the tenants made a make-shift shower in the basement; not exactly what you want as a landlord.  There was also some missing siding, dry rot and fungus on the outside of the house.  Part of the walkway to the backyard was missing the concrete or stucco over the wood covering.  There were a few other issues going on, but good to leave it at the fact that this house would need some significant work to be ready for new renters.

Sample: 1875 Detached Residential

This older home looked like a double lot in the middle of York with an updated kitchen on the first floor.  The left side of the house had a yard big enough for another house – rare in these older neighborhoods.  Most of the floors in the home were also updated.  There was some unevenness to the floors on the second floor, but they were within limits even for a new build, much less a house that’s about 150 years old.  That was the buyer’s main concern.  They saw how the bottom of the doors were trimmed at an angle to allow for the slightly sloping floors.   The furnace had a leak at the condensate line and was actually installed backwards, making removal of the maintenance cover just about impossible.  Air flow was correct, but it was going to be difficult to access the burners on this unit without turning it around.  The second floor sink also was not correctly installed, the drainline actually when uphill for a bit and leaked all over the nice new floors.  There was visible damage to the floors and the start of water damage in the first floor living room ceiling that was right under the sink.  Overall, I liked the house, but there were a few things that would need some attention.

Sample: 1960s Semi-Detached

A nice little semi-detached home in Philadelphia.  There was one small, short termite tube in the basement behind the dryer.  It would have been under the ground level if viewing from outside.  The electrical panel was a brand known for not tripping breakers when it should and causing fires.  Those breakers also tend to be loose and get knocked around when you take the cover off because the breaker handle commonly goes beyond the breaker opening.  The S-trap on the basement sink is very common in Pennsylvania and is an easy fix – not worth making a big deal out of it.  A couple bigger items on this house is that it looked like several of the windows were leaking for a while because there was dry rot around them and the flat roof had a big ponding area that was also impacting the primary bedroom closet.  The vent emptying to the attic is a pretty easy fix, but you don’t want the moist air from the bathrooms exhausting in to the attic space.

Sample: 1 Year Warranty Inspection – 2020 Build

1 year warranty inspections are a great way to make sure you get as much as possible out of your new home warranty.  We commonly find issues with the heating and air conditioning and the gutters on these inspections.  We recently did a new build inspection (prior to close) where the builder told them they only needed to install some appliances and connect the drainline in the kitchen.  We found out they had not installed the blown in insulation in the attic, the garage door opener could not close the garage door and there was a problem with the HVAC system that could cause a significant increase in the utility bill.


Sample: Mold Report

Here is a typical sample mold report .

Our sample mold report shows both an air quality test and a mold sample. The first column of the air analysis was taken outside. The lab uses this for comparative purposes for the indoor samples. The second column is a normal indoor sample. The third column is an air sample that has some mold types or levels that are of concern. Notice the red text. The fourth column is a surface swab that has mold growth on it. Again, notice the red parts on that column which indicate the types of mold involved. The comments section at the bottom of the page provide a general overview of the results. The following several pages provide an alphabetical list of each mold type detected in the report. Each type of mold includes information on it’s habitat, allergy potential, disease potential and toxic potential.

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