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Home Mold Inspector in Philadelphia & Lancaster, PA

When you are buying a home, you are not just buying the home, but also the air in it that may affect the health and safety of you and your family. If there is evidence of water damage, high humidity, moisture problems, visible mold-like material, or an unusual musty odor in your home or place of business, you may be at risk of mold contamination.

More than just affecting indoor air quality, mold can produce toxins that can cause serious health risks in both humans and animals. That’s why it’s essential to hire a qualified team to determine whether or not there is a problem.

Nighthawk Home Inspections specializes in mold and indoor air quality testing. After we perform a thorough inspection of your home, we provide you documentation that confirms there is mold present in the house, and the possible causes. This is highly useful in negotiations when the seller is convinced there is no mold contamination.

Your Safety Comes First – Fix the Cause

At Nighthawk Inspection Group, your safety is our top priority. That’s why we perform an Indoor Air Quality test or take surface samples to determine if there is any mold. We also determine the types of mold present, and the existing degree of health risks. Samples are sent to a professional laboratory for analysis and an inspection report is issued shortly after.

For your safety, it is also important to understand why mold is growing in a home. Just as important as taking care of the mold is taking care of the cause that allowed it to grow in the first place. Our inspectors will narrow down the most plausible causes of mold growth in your home and list the recommended repairs needed to prevent future growth.

We know mold testing can be confusing!

Please read about the different types of mold testing Nighthawk offers and call for pricing on each option. You can also look over our easy to understand sample report. If you are unsure what type of mold testing you need, your Nighthawk inspector can help you decide onsite, just let our office know!

Surface Testing

If visible mold is present in your property, your Nighthawk inspector can take a surface sample from the affected area. Surface testing consists of one physical sample per area. If there are multiple areas or even mold shades, additional samples may be needed for accuracy.

A surface test will tell you:
•    What types of harmful indoor molds, if any, are present in the test area.
•    If any spore exposure risks are present for the occupants due to mold growth.
•    If the area is “current growth” or “former growth” caused by water intrusion or humidity problems.

Surface testing is recommended when:
•    There is visible or suspected mold present.
•    An area that has had previous clean up or removal of mold.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Some moisture problems and/or mold problems may not be visible and it is important to know that some molds may release spores into the indoor breathing air. Indoor air quality testing includes 1 indoor air sample in the affected area, 1 indoor air sample in a control area and 1 control/baseline sample on the exterior of the structure. Indoor air samples are recommended at approximately every 800-1000 sq ft. If the affected area is larger than 1,600-2,000 sq ft, or if multiple levels in the structure are of concern, additional samples may be needed.

An air quality test will tell you:
•    If an abnormal number of harmful spores are present in the indoor air.
•    If indoor mold counts are normal and do not pose a risk to indoor air quality.
•    If there are possible hidden areas of mold growth, water intrusion, or humidity problems.

Indoor air quality testing is recommended when:
•    There is a concerning musty odor in the home.
•    Mold or suspected mold growth is visible in the home.
•    There was a past water intrusion problem.
•    An occupant of the home is predisposed to respiratory distress.
•    You want to verify the effectiveness of mold remediation.

Air/Surface Package

This package includes 2 indoor air samples, 1 control/baseline sample on the exterior, and 2 surface test in the affected area. Some molds will release spores into the air and some will not. Combining air and surface testing will ensure that the affected area is properly analyzed.

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