Irrigation System Inspections

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Irrigation System Inspections in York and Lancaster, PA

Irrigation systems can make your yard look great if they are working properly. However, a sprinkler head that sprays water against the house or waters the road can be harmful and/or wasteful.

In order to lessen the hassle of having to coordinate a complete inspection to each of your home´s systems, we include an irrigation system inspection with most home inspections.

When can I perform an Irrigation System Inspection?

Summer is the best season to get a complete system inspection, as irrigation systems should be winterized during cold months to prevent damage / broken irrigation pipes. This service is only available when the irrigation system is active.

If you are comparing home inspectors near you, ask if an irrigation inspection is included; many inspectors do not offer this service and we include it for free.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know about that broken irrigation pipe before moving into the house and turning on the sprinklers for the first time?

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