Yuba City 44 Yr Old H2O Heater

BY Rob Matlock
May 14, 2020

So we ran across a 44 year old natural gas water heater today. The advertised lifespan of these guys is 12-15 years. While we see plenty of water heaters in the 18-20 year old range and some between 20-22, it is very rare to see them above the age of 25. The electric water heaters […]

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7,000 sq ft Castle House!

BY Rob Matlock
March 25, 2018

June 2017 we did this awesome castle house.  It is a 7,000 square foot house complete with an in-law suite. It even had a wine cellar and two jacuzzi tubs. The upstairs included a wet bar. There was a quite a bit going on with this one. The toilet in the garage had a serious […]

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